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We are a private limited company based in Nakuru in the beautiful Great Rift Valley region of Kenya, just a short distance from the world famous flamingos of Lake Nakuru.

Kenya is one of the world's leading producers of pyrethrum, an incredibly effective, broad based and totally natural insecticide that has multiple applications in pest control on crops and the control of all types of flying insects, including mosquitoes.

As Kenya's leading formulator of pyrethrum based products and the largest farmer of pyrethrum in Kenya, we are are ideally placed to manufacture and supply your pyrethrum based products and pyrethrum formulations.

As a family run business, Ian and Pepelope Shaw are committed to developing and growing the pyrethrum formulation business unit and in particular to developing the export of pyrethrum based products.

We are able to formulate pyrethrum products to client specifications, as well as contract manufacture finished retail products such as pyrethrum mosquito coils, pyrethrum mosquito sticks and pyrethrum dog shampoo.